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Dog versus Baby

2010 June 17
by distracted daddy

Baby Girl Crawling to Dog Food Bowl

We have a dog, a pug dog. I’ve mentioned this before. The relationship between the dog and the baby is generally peaceful. However there are a few incidents that come to mind when canine and newborn collide. Aside from literally colliding, which happens now since our daughter is crawling.

The first time my daughter crawled, it was right towards the dog bowls. We were so excited that she was crawling we ignored the fact that her hand was splashing in the dirty pug water. For some reason those dog bowls are a magnet for her. She makes a beeline to them. If you’re not paying attention or say taking pictures for a weblog, she’ll grab some kibble and/or bits. Then she’ll try and eat them.

At this stage in their development, I think the dog and baby are intellectual equals, though I might give the dog the edge, because he can tell the difference between dog toys and baby toys. The 9-month old who is exploring our house cannot.

The other day I was tending to my house-husband duties and doing the dishes. If you’re my wife, please re-read the previous sentence. The little one was on the floor. Baby gates were up. I had an eye on her as she crawled amongst the toys. I noticed her pausing and playing intently with a toy. Her back was to me. I couldn’t see the toy. Walking over I discovered it was a dog bone. A rawhide bone. She was holding and playing with a well-chewed rawhide bone. And by playing I mean that she was chewing on the dog’s rawhide bone. There it was, right in her mouth.

I quickly took the bone away. She cried in disapproval. How would I clean out her mouth? Empty a bottle of Purell? An entire piece of soap? I wiped it with a wet washcloth and reminded myself of that old saying about dogs’ mouths being cleaner than peoples. It’s a saying so it must be true.

Of course, it’s not always the baby who is trying to eat things she shouldn’t.  In the baby’s room there is a Diaper Genie, it’s a specialized garbage can for diapers that helps eliminate the smell. It produces these large bags full of soiled diapers. Once after emptying the Genie, I placed the soiled bag on the floor outside the baby’s room and began changing the baby.

Bad idea.

Mere minutes later I heard tearing and ripping. The dog was biting at the bag and getting at the soiled diapers within. Luckily I arrived before the floor was covered in old diapers and older poop. And to think we buy the expensive dog food. If the dog can survive on day old diapers that would be a great way to recycle and save money.

So do I take responsibility for these incidents? Accept the blame on my shoulders? Say I erred in my duty of watching my child like the proverbial hawk? No. Like unfinished homework and ill-timed farts I blame these on the dog.

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  1. Blogueuse permalink
    June 18, 2010

    You have an amazing sense of humor and your daughter is lucky to have you raise her…as for the kibble, don’t feel so bad! My son survived eating cat kibble a few times, and I’ve seen an adult women sharing an ice cream cone with her poodle, she’s still alive after all these years, lol!

  2. September 6, 2010

    We have a puggle. How in dog’s name does he know the difference between his toys and baby’s toys?! We must know.

  3. September 7, 2010

    Couldn’t tell you how he knows the difference between toys. He just does. The sister-in-law’s dog who comes to visit does not. Wish I could teach her. The dog, not the s-i-l.

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