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Another Baby’s Birthday

2011 August 12
by distracted daddy

Baby Birthday Party

I was stuck in the middle of a baby minefield recently. There were babies everywhere. Everywhere. Dozens of babies descended upon this house. You had to watch where you stepped, lest you squash a crawler.

Where was I? At daycare? At a baby flash-mob? At the stork’s processing centre?

No, I was at the birthday party of the daughter of an old friend. We were celebrating her first birthday. She was probably more or less oblivious to the controlled chaos that surrounded her.

A baby’s first birthday is always a party for the parents. The baby doesn’t know that she’s having a princess party. She knows she’s having fun but that’s it. The parents are just expressing their love for their little one with tiny sandwiches, balloons, and by inviting everyone they know to eat said tiny sandwiches.

There were kids of all ages at this tiny sandwich/princess party; fetuses, babies, toddlers, kids, tweens, teens, and single 30-somethings likely grumbling about not having kids. Yes, I just described single 30-somethings as kids in that previous sentence.

It was quite the party. Toys were strewn all over to entertain the little ones. There was cake and sugary treats to fuel the kids/adults. In the background there was the distant white noise of a baby crying. There was always a baby crying.

There was even a toddler music class sandwiched between the madness.

Having a conversation with a fellow grown up was difficult. You’d get half-way through the sentence before either you or the person you were speaking with, had to go and deal with a baby. Getting time with the birthday girl was just as difficult.

Despite the intensity and the sugar and the noise and the random children climbing on furniture our daughter was having a great time. Maybe the good time was because of these things.

Babies seem to love other babies’ parties even if they don’t know what they are. Was my daughter celebrating the birth of a friends’ child? Not really. But she was having a good time eating sweets and playing with a stranger’s toys.

It was a successful first birthday party, there weren’t even any head wounds.

It was so successful that the next morning our daughter woke up and talked about the party. She wanted to go back. In her mind, the party never ended. We had to break the news that it was over. Baby birthday parties only last an afternoon.


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