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Let there be cake and presents and relatives.

2010 December 2
by distracted daddy

(Check out another Distracted Daddy post over at Sweetmama today. It’s about my daughter’s fashion choices. Well, they’re actually my wife’s fashion choices.)

Baby's First Birthday CakeThose are the ingredients for a great birthday. And all were present at my daughter’s first birthday party. So was a nasty head wound, but that’s another post.

It was exciting – her first birthday. My wife and I spent the day, if not the week, constantly repeating “can you believe she’s one?” and “remember what we were doing this time last year?” The answer to the latter is beginning our week-long hospital stay and day-and-a-half long labour.

But that was a year ago. Now we had cake.

Not just any cake – birthday cake. Everyone sat around the table as the lights dimmed. Our cameras were flashing like this was a red carpet premiere.

My daughter was stunned, shocked, aghast, and other similar synonyms. I’ll never forget that look on her face. She knew something was different. Her family was singing at her and a small fire was approaching.

After the candles were blown out via assistance from mommy, the cake was cut. A rather un-toddler-size piece was placed in front of my daughter.

She looked at it, still in shock by the situation. This was very different from the organic vegetables and grains that she was used to. It was cake; moist sugary cake frosted with sugary frosting.

She grabbed a piece and slowly brought it to her mouth. With that first bite her eyes widened and a future of sugary sweets likely passed before her eyes. She loved it. She devoured it.

The sugar rush was almost instant.

Then it was time for presents. The appeal of cake is more easily understandable by a one-year old than presents.

Our daughter did her best to sit on my wife’s lap while presents were opened but she was easily distracted. The crinkly cellophane wrap was her favourite present. Follow closely by a plastic bow.

She’d eventually play with and enjoy most of her presents in the days to come. Well, except for a few.

Buying children’s toys can be difficult, if only they had a handy system of numbers to indicate age-appropriateness on the packaging. Like they already do. So if the number says 6+ on it then while thoughtful and much appreciated it’s probably not age-appropriate for a 1-year old.

After presents and cake and a minor head wound the day was over. Guests and relatives left with cameras full of pictures and bellies full of cake. It was an exhausting day.

We were looking forward to a good’s night sleep. That didn’t happen. Our birthday girl was having trouble sleeping. It could have been the head wound, or the sugar crash, or maybe the realization that she’s not as young as she used to be.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    December 27, 2010

    Don’t feel too bad about the head wound, my youngest son at 1 1/2 broke his foot. I turned my back for one second to get his lunch out of the oven and he managed to pull his grandparent’s electric fireplace down on his foot. Now that’s some major parental guilt (especially when you’re at the hospital and everyone is asking what happened to your baby and you have to explain that he broke his foot).

  2. January 5, 2011

    Wow! A broken foot definitely tops a minor head wound. I bet he had the cutest little baby cast though…

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  4. December 9, 2012

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