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Top Ten of 2010

2010 December 31
by distracted daddy

Yes, shockingly a Top Ten List to celebrate the end of 2010. It’s a tradition, when one year is over we remember it fondly in lists that don’t go up to 11.

So here is Distracted Daddy’s Top 10 Posts of 2010. Presented of course, in no particular order and based solely on my discretion, with perhaps some input from my wife.

  1. Manternity Leave – My summer as a stay-at-home dad. It was strange. It was wonderful. It was the impetus for this blog.
  2. Dirty baby. Clean bath. – A few days into my leave and my first daddy disaster. Was I in over my head? No, but I was up to my knees in dirty bathwater.
  3. Dirt. It’s what for dinner. – It was a beautiful summer day. My wife and I were admiring our garden. Our daughter was helping herself to heaping handfuls of dirt. The horror, the muddy horror.
  4. Reading is for the Dogs – The Dog Book. It’s still her favourite book, though others are catching up. Most of the pop-ups and pull-outs no longer pop or pull. It’s unlikely this book will survive to see 2012.
  5. Calling in Sick – As I write this I’m recovering from another viral infection of toddler origin. It’s a monthly if not bi-weekly event. I suspect 2011 will be no different.
  6. Our first baby – Our daughter and our pug have a special bond. They have a big brother little sister relationship. She loves him immensely and he annoyingly ignores her – unless she’s dropping food.
  7. Christmas Concert – Our daycare had a Christmas Concert for babies. Well, the parents of said babies. The concept is as baffling as the concert was cute.
  8. “It’s Nursery Rhyme Time” – Thankfully, it’s barely ever Nursery Rhyme Time these days. Its annoyance has been usurped and replaced.
  9. Full of Chic – Ah, the trends of 2010. Yes, I bought a pair of Huggies Jean Diapers. Yes, we still have many of these crappy and now too small diapers left over.
  10. 1975 called. – The Fisher-Price Chatter Box toy is a classic toy. After months of moving on to other toys, our daughter has rediscovered it. She now pulls it along and answers the receiver with a quick “hello.”

And that was 2010. What will 2011 hold? Probably another Top Ten post at the end of the year.

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