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A jolly good (jumping) time.

2010 May 10
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by distracted daddy

Baby using Jolly JumperThe Jolly Jumper is a giant industrial strength spring attached to a small baby restraining harness that latches onto the frame of a door. It’s also available as a free-standing frame, if your house doesn’t have doors. You strap the baby into the Jolly Jumper and they jump up and down. It’s a great pre-walking toy.

Our daughter started jumping at 5 months. And like the littlest Michael Flatley she never moves her arms when jumping. The legs bounce and flail. The arms stay static. Our mini Lord of the Dance jumps with intense concentration. Jumping is serious business.

The Jolly Jumper also comes with a brightly colored musical jumping pad, because your child can’t be overstimulated enough. There are settings on the pad; dance music, jungle music, house, or trance. They all sound the same. The music adds a Dance Dance Revolution element to the once simple toy. I imagine future versions will have high scores and multiplayer.

Baby on Jolly Jumper music pad

Combo move

The instructions recommend that you limit Jolly Jumping sessions to 15 minutes. Good advice. At first, we ignored that caution. We just let her jump until she got fussy, usually half an hour at the most. It’s not like we’d put her in the Jolly Jumper and go out to see a movie. Though we considered it:  we really wanted to see Avatar.

Watching a baby poop while in the Jolly Jumper is a sight to be seen and something every parent should witness. When our little one poops while Jolly Jumping she stops jumping, takes a moment, concentrates intensely and tucks her little legs into her chest. It’s all very serene as she hovers in the air.

However and this I must stress. Once your kid hover-poops, take them out of the Jumper. Right away. You don’t necessarily have to change them just don’t let them keep jumping after a dumping. Yes, I know, lame rhyme.

One time and only once, our little one was jumping and she had a hover-poop. We didn’t know; we were folding laundry in the other room or some such other mundane task. Before you call child services, I assure you we were listening to her joyous Jolly Jumping squeals and routinely peaking in to see her. Anyhow, she pooped and kept jumping. When we finally removed her from the jumper we could smell the poop emanating from her pants. The continued jumping had squeezed the once contained poop out of her diaper and spread it down the legs of her pants. It was like stepping on a ketchup packet, only it wasn’t ketchup . The pants were ruined. The clean up was unpleasant.

Despite that incident the Jolly Jumper remains one of my daughter’s favorite activities. It’s probably genetic, my parents tell me that when I was a baby, the Jolly Jumper was my favorite toy. They used to put me in the Jumper and I would jump for hours.

I wonder how many hover-poops they had to clean.

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  1. Blogueuse permalink
    June 18, 2010

    I am crying of laughter loving the hover poop.

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