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Bjorn to run.

2010 May 21
by distracted daddy

Baby Bjorn baby carrier review The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier is a baby backpack or frontpack designed to comfortably carry the baby. It’s not to be confused with the infant Icelandic singer baby Bjork. The Bjorn is strapped around your chest and waist with various cinches and buckles. The baby is then inserted into the device, a few snaps later and she’s secure. It’s quite sturdy.

Previously we had a baby sling that was really just a large piece of stretchy fabric. It came with elaborate instructions about how to wrap it and put the baby within its folds. But at any moment you always felt like the sling would unravel and the baby would go tumbling to the ground entangled in 20 meters of tapestry. It never feels that way in the Baby Bjorn.

Once the baby is strapped in you can go anywhere, to the park, the mall, the grocery store, the strip club. And best of all the Baby Bjorn is hands-free. That doesn’t mean that running errands in the Bjorn is easy. There’s a massive blind spot in front of you. You can’t see what your hands are doing. You have to hold things to the side. And there is a set of little baby hands trying to grab the things you’re grabbing.

While walking with the Baby Bjorn, you notice people on the street smile more often. Naturally, you smile back. Then you realize they’re not smiling at you. You’re not the focus. You’re just the transportation.

On Sesame Street whenever Oscar the Grouch needed to be appear in a scene that didn’t take place in the direct vicinity of his garbage can he would show up carried in the arms of an anonymous garbage man puppet. The garbage man was never introduced to the audience. He never spoke. He wasn’t a character. He was just there to carry Oscar the Grouch. In the Baby Bjorn I am the anonymous garbage man puppet.

When strangers come over to greet the baby, I smile and nod. I assume the baby is smiling, but I can’t tell. She could be covered in baby barf and I wouldn’t know. Once a stranger come over to say hello and quickly said, “your baby is covered in snot.” Now I stop next to parked cars and look in the reflection of the window to check on the baby.

Baby Bjorn swing park

Don't barf.

Despite the title of this post you should never run with the Baby Bjorn. Not that you’d want to with 18 pounds of cute strapped to your chest. Walking alone is enough exercise that you’ll quickly look for routes with few hills.

The Baby Bjorn is probably one my favorite things. I take the little one on epic walks between her naps. It’s great exercise and she loves seeing the sights. We visit dog parks, walk around the neighborhood, go shopping, talk to strangers. My favorite thing to do in the Baby Bjorn is to visit playgrounds and go for a swing together. I love it. I can’t see the reaction on her face but I think she loves it too.

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  1. May 26, 2010

    Looks like the one thing missing is a set of mirrors so you can see her face. Maybe you should start a line of Bjorn accessories?

  2. May 3, 2013

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  3. May 9, 2013

    A fantastic time Saturday night. We surprised my parents and they were thriled when they got there..Thank you! I had been told by the photo booth person that images would be online. Where are they?

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